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3 Tips To Get You Talking Dirty During Sex

So you want to start talking dirty during sex? You know what it’s like when you get caught up in the heat of the moment – you can hardly remember your own name, much less those cool dirty talk phrases you have been studying up on! You might wonder how in the world you are going to talk dirty to your partner when he’s going down on you, and the thought of saying anything when you are on the verge of orgasm might be unthinkable.

Dirty talk doesn’t have to consist of words all the time. The noises you make during sex matter, too! Those sexy little whispers, the hot and dirty grunts, and the cries of passion are all part of the dirty talk playbook. You can tell your partner if something is working by the way your voice sounds. Sometimes, you’re too busy simply trying to breathe through the pleasure that you can’t make any sound at all.

Believe me, your lover won’t mind that you aren’t talking dirty at that point!

But if you really do want to talk dirty right up to the moment of orgasm, you can do that. Just follow a few simple tips to make sure things turn out the way you want them to:

Don’t worry about what you say. The biggest problem with talking during sex is the possibility of over-thinking what you are going to say, and that leads to distraction – which makes it harder to climax, and harder to get your partner to the finish line, too. Relax and remember that dirty talk in the heat of passion is likely to involve almost anything. There’s no telling what you might say! If you are comfortable with your partner, it won’t matter what comes out of your mouth while you’re in the moment. So just let it fly! Sometimes the best dirty talk phrases come to us when we aren’t thinking at all.

Talk about what is happening. Instead of focusing on a fantasy scenario, talk about what is happening right then. It’s much easier to tease and taunt your partner with something that you are doing at that very moment than to keep up with a line of fantasy talk while your body is begging for release. Even telling your partner how good something feels or how much you love what they are doing to you is a good way to interject dirty talk into the action.

Keep it simple. When you reach that point where your mind just wants to let go and your body wants to take over, let it happen! You don’t have to be eloquent to make dirty talk sexy. A simple “yes” and “more” and “please” work wonders when delivered in that sexy growl. Consider dirty talk as the appetizer to the meal…and once you’re in the swing of dessert, the dirty talk has already revved you both up for more.

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