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How to Talk Dirty and Pleasure Your Boyfriend

Learning how to talk dirty is like practicing a great instrument over and over again until you get it right. You can catch on rather quickly, but honing your skills takes time, and of course, plenty of practice. The more you learn, the more you want to learn, and soon you have dirty talk down to an art.

But then you can try to talk dirty in bed with your boyfriend, and everything you learned seems to freeze up and disappear. That’s because it can be tough to concentrate on that awesome new technique you learned to drive him wild in bed, yet keep up the dirty talk heat at the same time.

There is a solution to the problem!

You can talk dirty and pleasure your boyfriend at the same time by staying entirely in the moment. You might be thinking that you do that already, but think about it…do you really stay in the moment, or are you always thinking about what comes next, or when you’re going to get down to the main event, or even what you’re going to do when the sexual romp is over? If you’re anything like most women, you’ve been guilty of that very thing more than once.

Staying in the moment means not only is your body right there, but your mind is too. You’re not worried about what dirty talk scenario you’re going to use, and you’re not thinking about whether or not your voice sounds sultry enough — because you don’t have the time! You’re in the moment, and so your dirty talk words are tailored to that moment.

For instance, if you’re trying out a new position with your boyfriend, don’t be silent and concentrate on the motion — be loud and tell him how it feels! Describe what he’s doing to you in vivid, glowing detail. Though he can certainly see exactly what is going on, and he can feel it just as well as you can, your words add to the experience and make it so much hotter.

Learn how to talk dirty and pleasure your boyfriend at the same time by keeping one word in mind: Description! You can tell him how it feels, what you like about his body, what you want him to do next, or what fantasies are rolling through your head while you get down and dirty between the sheets.

Don’t think about anything else but what is happening to your body, and soon your dirty talk words will flow as easily as your passion does.

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