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How to Surprise Your Boyfriend with Dirty Talk

Does your boyfriend love dirty talk but you don’t quite know how to give him what he wants? Many women are shy about dirty talk and don’t know how to begin on the talking dirty journey. You can surprise your partner by stepping out of the box and showing him just how playful you can be!

Yes, it takes some courage. And it might not be something you can do overnight. But these tips should help you move into a more comfortable place with dirty talk, and then you can surprise your partner:

Read a dirty book. Before you can talk dirty, you have to be comfortable with the idea. A good erotic novel will have plenty of dirty talk for you to enjoy, and the best ones will show you how sexy even the most general dirty talk can be. You don’t have to be a porn star to trip his trigger, and an erotic novel will prove that to you!

Talk to yourself. Before you try out those lines on him, use them on yourself. Talk through your fantasies as you masturbate while you are alone. Look at the mirror as you talk and get accustomed to saying those naughty words. You will blush, you might giggle, and who knows? You might decide you really like the way you look when you say those dirty things.

Choose something he really likes. Once you are comfortable with talking dirty to yourself, focus on a fantasy or an act your boyfriend really likes. For instance, does he like to go down on you? Consider something along the lines of “I want you to suck this pussy right now.” It’s not too hardcore, but it’s enough to step into the wild world of dirty talk.

Have a glass of wine. Need to loosen up a bit? A glass of wine will help ease your inhibitions away. But don’t overdo it – dirty talk is not sexy if it’s coming from a drunk chick who just might throw up before the thrills are over.

Throw caution to the wind! When it’s time to try out that new line, take a deep breath, muster your courage, and look your boyfriend right in the eye. Even if you blush like mad, he’s going to love it, because you are trying something new – and that’s sexy as hell!

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Confident, fun, well-rounded and sexy. Those are words that describe author Denise Brienne, a thirty-something woman who has a knack for giving the best advice to those who want to spice up their intimate relationships.

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  1. Thank you! Thankyou! ,Thankyou!…I cant say it enough. Im gonna blow my mans mind this weekend. Hes loves dirty, filthy, sluty talk. Well hes got his Bitch! back….lately hes been telling me what to say…but this time…Im gonna put it on his mind!…Starting today while hes at work!7!…weregonna have lots of roll play…

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