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How to Read a Dirty (Talk) Story…

Are you one of those eager lovers who wants to talk dirty to your partner, but every word out of your mouth sounds forced and contrived? Are you well-versed in what you should say, but when the time comes to utter those naughty words, you can’t seem to say anything at all?

On the other hand, are you the absolute best when it comes to writing naughty emails or sending hot text messages? Can you say on paper what you can’t say out loud? Are you great at turning up the heat on the page?

Your dirty talk journey just might begin with a dirty story!

Let’s be honest: It’s always easier to write something down that it is to say it out loud. That’s why so many people break up via email or text message – if you have the time to think about what you’re writing, you can finesse your way through it. The same is true with dirty talk and giving your partner what they want. You can finesse your way through a dirty story, and then you don’t have to deal with the pressure to “perform” on cue!

How do you begin?

Sit down when you are all alone and the house is quiet. Think about the things your lover likes – consider what you like, too. Begin writing a scenario that involves lots of dirty words and thoughts. Don’t worry with editing or even making it all flow together right now – just focus on your thoughts, naughty words, and what you want to see happen in the story.

When you’ve finished writing out that rough draft of ideas, it’s time to put them together. You can write as if you are watching the action from the outside, or you can write in a journal style, as if you were talking to your “Dear Diary.” Be sure to fill it with lots of dirty talk, naughty words, scenarios that will make your lover hot, and things that will turn you on as well.

If you get turned on while you’re writing it, you know you’re on the right track!

When you’re done with your erotic story, offer it to your partner. Reading it out loud will give you the most bang for your buck, as you will be uttering those dirty talk phrases to your partner, and that might spark the mood for even more dirty talk when you’re done!

What if you are intimidated by the thought of writing your own dirty story? Look to someone else to help you – your local bookstore will probably carry a few dirty anthologies and naughty books. Invest in one of these, take it home, and highlight the sections that get your blood boiling. When you bring the book to bed with you, tell your lover that you liked this part…or that part…and read it aloud.

Once you read the words out loud, it will become easier to say the words when you don’t have that book in your hand. It’s a great way to ease into dirty talk without embarrassing yourself into silence!

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