How To Keep Your Dirty Text Messages A Secret


So you like to have a bit of dirty talk on your phone, do you? The only problem with dirty text messages is that sometimes, your phone might fall into the wrong hands. Rather than run the risk of having your privacy compromised when that steamy text comes your way, make a point of keeping your dirty text messages a secret with these naughty little tips:

Keep it on vibrate or silent. When someone is texting hot and heavy, the little beeps that come with it can quickly draw attention, and that’s something you don’t want. Keep the phone on vibrate or silent, and if your keypad beeps when you type, find a way to turn it off. The less attention you draw, the more private your texting will be.

Learn how to delete texts quickly. What if someone walks into the room and demands to see what is on your phone, or simply asks to make a quick call? The text that shows up next could give that person a real eyeful of what you’ve been doing! Figure out the pattern for quickly deleting text messages. For example, my phone lists “options” as a soft key, and then to delete all messages quickly, I choose “6” and “3” from the menu. In three keystrokes, all my text messages are erased. It’s great for those moments when you don’t want someone else to see what you’re typing!

Beware of photographs. If you’re sending text messages to someone you shouldn’t – naughty you! – you can always explain them away somehow. But photographs cannot be explained away – that’s you, and everyone knows it. No matter how hot the texting is, don’t send a photograph via phone if you are worried about it getting around to someone who doesn’t need to know what you’re up to.

Take it to a private place. Want to text but you don’t have a lot of privacy? Remember that you could get going hot and heavy rather quickly, and that’s something that many people have trouble hiding. So before you start breathing heavy or blushing like a schoolgirl who has just learned what a dirty text really is, consider where you could slip away for private time. Besides, having that privacy to let your fingers do the walking – whether it’s texting or something even more personal – is one of the thrills of getting your text on!

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