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How To Go Down On A Woman


Such an ugly looking word for such a beautiful act.  People of all sorts (and I say ‘people’ for both men and women) enjoy participating in this wonderful deed. But how do you do it? How do you go down on a woman?

The first thing, neigh, the supreme thing you need to know about going down on a woman is that you MUST be gentle. Particularly gentle. Don’t believe what you see on your favorite porn sites and videos. A woman’s labia is like a budding flower. You don’t eat a flower, do you? You feel a flower. Caress it on your lips, your nose your face. It’s the same with a fragile vagina.

Start by slowly pulling her panties off and kissing and rubbing her feet along your face. Kiss and lick her calves (not too wet, you don’t want it to seem like your tongue is a snail) and lift her legs up Softly kiss her in the bend of her knee and slowly make your way up to her inner thigh.

Whatever you do DON’T dive in. Breathe heavily on her thighs and mound. She’ll let you know when she’s ready for contact as that beautiful flower opens. Hesitation proves to create thrills later.

Then, ever so subtly, slowly kiss her labia. Act as if it were her mouth. The wetter the better here. Circle her labia with your tongue and throw in a few moans as slight vibrations help the cause. Take your time.

Make contact with her inner lips and give them some fresh kissing. Work all around but don’t jump at her clitoris just yet. Make good use of your hands and rub them all over her belly hips. Grab her hands, rub her wrists. Make an exploration of her body with your hands and mouth. Take your time.

When you feel she’s ready, start on the lower end of her labia, not just with your tongue, but your whole mouth and nose. Gradually make your way up to her clitoris. When you get there, you both will know it. She may start shaking and grabbing at your hair. Press the flat of your tongue upon the clitoral area and lightly move it around. If she brings her hips up to you or pushes your head in harder, help her out. Then, give her a slight break, lift your head, and lick your index finger. Get back on her clit and enter your finger palm up. Take your time.

Make a “come hither” motion with your finger. You’ll feel some vaginal tissue. Make her moan, all the while rubbing on her clit with your tongue. By this time she should be bucking. Never let your tongue off her clit until she comes.

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  1. I know I could be better at going down on a woman…these tips are very helpful and with a little practice and communication I’ll be a pro in no time!

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