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How To Get Your Man In The Mood

Need to get your man in the mood? It may sound impossible. Incredulous, perhaps, according to male folklore. But sometimes, your man may just not feel like getting laid.

Barring the situations where the game is on, or the guys are over and it’s poker night, etc… a man can usually be a pretty easy beast to rile up and throw into the bed. Here are just a few pointers that might help him – ahem – rise to the occasion.

Act Innocently Sexy – If your guy is just sitting there on the couch like a lug, and is acting impervious to your flirting, go to the bedroom and put on a simple, yet sexy, yet comfortable little ditty.  Play coy with him. Act aloof but do it in a way he won’t be able to ignore you. Drop the remote off the table and bend over delicately making sure he catches a glimpse. Or reach over him (lightly brush your breasts on his face) and grab your phone from the end table. He’ll get the hint, and you’ll definitely get your man in the mood.

Bring Attention To Your Mouth- Grab your shiniest lip gloss and pour it on slowly. Take your time to make sure he’s privy to witness. Or get the sluttiest red lipstick you have in your make-up bag and gush it on. Ask if it makes you look slutty all the while staring at him devilishly. And then there’s always the practical yet reliable Popsicle move. Grab one out of the freezer and slurp on that thing to high heaven. Bringing attraction to your mouth is bound to get your man in the mood. The sound alone will have him melting.

Pick a Fight – It’s always been said that there is no sex like make-up sex. And though it may seem a bit masochistic and manipulative, a small fight (think ‘cap on toothpaste,’ ‘putting the toilet seat down,’ etc…) can not only help get his attention but bring out the testosterone he’s leaving on the couch. Just don’t go overboard. Be careful what you shoot for.

Ravage Him – When all else fails there’s always the straight to the point show of affection. Jump his bones, mess up his hair, get wild and careless. There’s nothing like complete spontaneity to get the juices flowing on a dull day.

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