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How To Get Over That Breakup With Style

It has happened to all of us at one time or another. You thought everything was going well, and then suddenly, you got the brush-off from someone who was supposedly into you. Depending upon how much emotional investment you had poured into the relationship, you might have been mildly upset, seriously pissed, or hurt so badly that you could hardly breathe.

But time moves on, and so do you. Here are a few great ways to get over that breakup with style — and make your ex-lover wish they had you back.

Go silent for a while. Don’t talk to them, send them an email, leave a voice mail, or do anything else to make contact. Stay as far away as you can. Not only does it make them wonder what is going on with you, but it gives you time to think. The whole “let me help you through this” ploy is often just a way to make themselves feel better about the fact that you are pining away for them. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

Play it coy. When you do talk to them and they ask how you are doing, make it clear that you are going to be just fine. But don’t let them off the hook — tell them that you are worried you won’t be able to trust anyone again, thanks to the fact that they have hurt you so much, and out of the blue, at that. But in the same breath, reassure them that you will never make that same mistake again. Implying they were a mistake will hurt much more than any bashing you can do to get back at them.

Move on. Set up a date with someone else immediately, but not a romantic one. Make sure it’s a “just friends” thing. Your ex, however, does not have to know that little caveat. Go out and have a great time, and make sure everyone sees you. You could even let your new friend in on the fact that you have just been dumped, and point out that your ex will be jealous. Your friend will usually be happy to oblige and make that jealousy even worse.

Fake it til you make it. Yes, it hurts. Sometimes it might be the worst hurt you can imagine. But that’s when you have to put on a brave face, take a deep breath, and paint on a smile. It’s okay to cry and fall apart behind closed doors, but don’t do it in public. Your ex-lover will see how strong you are, and they will be quite confused. And that’s good — strong women are attractive women, and they will see exactly what they lost. That longing of “what might have been” is the greatest revenge you could get.

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