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How To Get Over Being Dumped

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Being dumped is awful. We’ve all been there, it seems like it’s always raining. Your food has a horrid flavor. Everyone who comes in contact with you makes you sick to your stomach – especially happy couples. It’s hard to breathe and even harder to get yourself out of bed in the morning.

You’ve had your heart broken, ripped from your chest, pounced on and handed back to you.

And though nearly every person on this big ol’ planet will try to convince you that they know what you are going through because they have been there before, you know they’ve never felt like you are right now.  Well, put down the ice cream, whiskey, cat, bat, etc…, or whatever you think makes you feel better and instill that confidence back in your life.

Press Delete – Immediately walk to your phone (which you’ve been hoping would ring by that person) and delete their ass as quickly as possible. Same goes with Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, etc… delete them. Do you really need a constant reminder that this asshole is alive? All it takes is one drunken night, one slip, and your vulnerability level is back at the beginning.

Look Good – Get out of those damn warm-ups and put on your Sunday’s best. You’re on the market now, act like it. Get a new outfit, a new haircut or a whole new style if you need to, but exude confidence. The saying goes, “Dress how you feel,” well flip that around and “Feel how you dress.”

Be a Happy DJ – Do you seriously want to hear sad love songs right now? Grab your iPod and make a few happy mixes. Skip John Mayer and Journey and go directly to Lil’ Wayne or AC/DC. Keep your heart away from the minor chords and slow tempos.

Embrace your friends – Remember those people? The ones you spent night and day with before latching on to a significant other? They’re probably still around waiting on your call if they aren’t at your side instantly. Keep them close by, as nobody can make you feel better about yourself than an old friend.  It’s always been said, Chicks before Dicks and Bros before Hoes. Let that be your mantra for now.

Get Laid – Nothing says “I’m moving on, now” better than a good old shagging. While you’re out looking good with your crew listening to “Do Me” by Bel Biv Devoe, go flirt with someone who’s interesting and bag them. Take them home and have your way with them. Just don’t get caught up again. Remember your building confidence.

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