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How to Dirty Text a Guy

Imagination; this is the key word you want to have in mind when you want to dirty text with a guy.  A woman always wants to come across sexy and confident but sometimes, this can be a tricky, especially over text message.  However, with a few pointers, we should be able to calm those fears and have your guy begging to see you after a few sultry messages!

A central key to texting dirty with a guy is to make it real.  For example, imagine yourself being naughty and dirty. Get yourself turned on and think about what you would want your guy to do to you right now, or what you would do to your guy if you had him in front of you.  Saying something real, such as “All I want right now is to feel your hands all over my body,” can take both of you away from the humdrum of office work and into your own fantasy world even if it’s only for a few minutes.

When sending a dirty text message to your man is at work, send him something that will catch him off guard and keep you on his mind for a while.  Sending something along the lines of “So, I am at Victoria’s Secret and I was wondering if you prefer thongs or g-strings?” will definitely have his imagination going crazy.  You can also get him riled up and begging to ditch the office early with something erotic like, “I can’t wait to put my mouth on your balls tonight!”  It will keep him guessing and stimulate a positive reaction when he comes home.

If you are a little shy about sending a dirty text while at your desk, excuse yourself for a few minutes, or send a dirty text while you are at lunch.  That way, when you start to giggle and blush, you can avoid the prying eyes of fellow co-workers.  But remember; don’t be afraid to say what is really on your mind!  Use dirty words such as clit, cock, nipples or pussy. Then there is no mistaking what type of evening you are after!  By saying something bold, you come across as unafraid to say what’s on your mind and it keeps things interesting.

Whether you are just trying to get in the sack with a guy, or trying to spice things up in a serious relationship, a dirty text will always bring a smile and a little something extra (wink!) to the man who has your attention.

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