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Dirty Games Can Get You Going?

Playing dirty games with your partner is a fantastic way to ease into dirty talk in the bedroom. But what if you are both already seasoned pros at the naughty talk game? If you’ve been following along with this blog and taking the steps to bring more spice into the bedroom, you have probably reached new heights of talking dirty. You and your partner might be able to say almost anything that comes to mind, and you have the confidence of knowing that no matter what you have to say, your lover will be accepting and supportive of your deepest, darkest fantasies.

Now it’s time to explore just how deep and dark those fantasies can get with some dirty games!

When you and your partner are in a very talkative and open mood, bring up one of the darker fantasies you have. Mention, perhaps, your favorite gang-bang fantasy, or how much you love the thought of tying your lover up and spanking him until his rear is a lovely shade of red. Put those fantasies into words, using some of the dirtiest descriptions you can come up with. Ask your lover if he can make it sound even nastier than you did.

As an example, let’s take the gang-bang fantasy. Telling him you would love to have “a dick in every hole” is good — but the goal is to get him to say something even filthier than that. Would “I want to watch you get fucked hard in every slutty hole you have” be even better?

There are no limits to what dirty games can do! Though participating in a gang-bang is not something you would do in a real-life situation, when you’re talking about naughty fantasies, anything goes. You can explore that darker side without ever leaving the bedroom, and still have the safety of just the two of you. So the naughtier you can get, the better?

Turn it into a dirty game. Whichever person can come up with words that make the fantasy filthier than ever, more imaginative than ever, gets the choice of a particular favor. Choose what the favor is, and then go at the words! Try to get the upper hand on each other as you come up with dirty phrases to describe what you would love in your perfect fantasy world. Eventually, one of you is going to come up with something so hot, all you will be able to do is pant out a weak “Yes!”

Whoever renders the other one speechless first, wins.

But then again…with the hot and nasty sex that comes afterward, perhaps you both win while playing dirty games.

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