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Household Objects That Can Heat Up Your Sex Life

Do you have a great sex life that needs a bit of spice…but you can’t really afford to add another toy to your collection? No worries! There are several objects around your house, things that you might see or use every single day, that have a secret life as naughty sex toys. The best part about discovering their hidden talents is that once you learn what that naughty everyday object can really do, you begin to look at everything in your house in a whole different light.

So…where to begin?

That lovely little hairbrush works great for your hair, but did you ever consider the other uses? The handle makes for a nice dildo, while the brush itself can make for an interesting sensation against your heated skin. And if you’re into spanking, a nice hairbrush offers both a smooth surface and a rougher one, all the better for experimentation!

Want even more sensation? Grab that spatula from the kitchen, as well as the wire whisk. You can also try the cheese grater, as long as you’re careful not to cut yourself! Look at not only the top, flat part of the spatula, but the smooth handle as well. How would that feel in certain naughty areas?

Your bathroom is full of things to play with. Why not let your lover shave you? There are few things more intimate than letting your lover wield a razor against your body — it’s all an issue of trust and care. Look to thin shampoo bottles for a unique dildo, and check out what is in the makeup kit, too. Draw sexy words on each other’s bodies with lipstick, and then use that romantic scented soap to wash it from your bodies — while you are together in the shower, of course.

A few loose feathers from your down comforter would make for great sensation play, and the power cord that charges your phone will work for a rope in a pinch. Better yet, use the scarves and ties in the closet to create ropes, blindfolds, and the like, then settle back and enjoy the ride!

Small pill bottles can make great suction cups to bring new sensations to the surface, while clothespins can work wonders on those who want to try out a nipple clamp or two. A single drop of peppermint oil or a candy cane used in appropriate wet places can give you a tingly sensation that is out of this world. While you’re doing that, remember that long, thin candles make great dildos, and the wax — cooled slightly, of course — is a nice finishing touch.

What other household items can you think of that make great sex toys?

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