Hotter Than Hot Dirty Talk Examples

Extra 2Just when you think things can’t get any hotter…surprise! It can! No matter how skilled you are at the art of dirty talk, there is always room for improvement. And though your lover might like the words you use to trip his trigger, there are ways to change up those words and create something even more intense.

Does your lover like to hear you use the word “cock”? There are so many delicious things you can do with that word (and that pun was entirely intended). Consider adding words to that one to create something new and exciting. Cocktease, cocksucker, cockslut, and even cockfucker are all words that add variety and depth to your dirty talk vocabulary. Let your imagination run wild!

Then consider your verbs. What kind of action do you have going on? If you like to “fuck” then you might also like to pound, jackhammer, ream, thrust, stick, and otherwise ratchet your partner. Combine the action word with the noun, and you’re on your way to something new…like a giving a cockslut a good reaming, or jackhammering that cocktease.

Don’t forget the adjectives! Hard, wet, slippery, smooth, easy, hot, slutty, whorish, and delicious are all good placeswoman whispering sweet nothings in a mans ear to start. Add the adjectives wherever you like, and you might find yourself saying something like this:

You fucking like that jackhammer of a hard cock, don’t you?

Take it like the good cockfucking slut you are, you sweet little whore.

I like that slippery wet pussy sucking at my big hard dick.

I’m going to thrust this thick dick up your slutty hole and then I’m going to ream you out with it, you fucking cocktease. You like that, don’t you?

And on and on and on…until you say that magical something that sends you both over the edge of passionate bliss. The cool thing about dirty talk is that imagination breeds even more creativity. Once you start with a  new phrase, the floodgates open to even more phrases, and soon you are saying things that you never would have considered just a few nights before.

So start with these suggested phrases, and then add and tweak until you come up with new ones of your own. Welcome to the next generation of dirty talk naughtiness!


  1. I think what’s even funner, is teasing… just tease the hell out of each other, you can touch anything except the main area of excitement and neither is allowed to cum until some time later… like right now, I’m going for a week. Constant teasing for a week and then the next week we will finally cum. I had him sit down and touch himself to a lesbian porno, he was allowed to slowly stroke himself but he was not permitted to cum. And now his insides are killing him and his balls ache and God I love it, he wants to cum so badly but he also loves that I’m making him wait…. that waiting… that longing… that’s when it feels the sweetest, the best, to cum.

  2. Yeah…this one really makes me hard. Very easy to visualize these examples.

  3. how’s this for a beginner????

    “I’ll bet you can’t wait to taste my sweet cum….again.”

    “You give the best head ever, I can’t wait for your lips to slide up & down my thick shaft.”

    “How do you do that?”

  4. Dear Denise

    I liked the way you advised us to use nouns, verbs and adjectives to make a dirty sentence. Please invest more and more on the subject of dirty talk because I believe dirty talk not only does improve life under the sheets but also the relationship as a whole.


  5. I need someone to fuck me right now. Seriously

  6. Are u wet

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