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Hot Bedroom Action Starts With A Little Kiss

Ah, the kiss. That little peck on the cheek, the soft brush of lips against yours, the quick intake of breath, the feeling of tongues mingling together. There are as many different kisses as there are different people on the planet. Everyone kisses differently, and when you find someone whose kiss meshes just perfectly with yours, the feeling can make you instantly weak in the knees.

But what if your lover doesn’t kiss all that well? How can you gently teach them the ways of the kiss? Read on for a few tips on how to make the kiss a beautiful part of your foreplay!

Practice, over and over, until the lesson takes hold. So many people believe that French kissing is the way to go from the very start, and don’t bother to work up to a crescendo. Start by kissing your partner however they like, and then pull back. Start by trapping their lip between yours, and lick or suck a bit until they get the idea. You can nibble, pull back even more and just brush your lips against them, or go back to the full frontal assault. Whichever you choose, remember to do it often…practice will change your partner’s ways!

Stay patient. You can’t change a kissing technique overnight…it just won’t happen. So take your time and slowly teach your lover through the beauty of one sweet kiss at a time.

Whisper dirty talk while you’re at it. Part of the fun of kissing is letting your bodies know what each other wants, but you’re only doing things with your mouth. So take it further by whispering to your lover what you want to do with those lips and tongue. Whisper the words right against their lips and make the dirty talk part of the kiss itself.

Finally, make kissing the main event once in a while. It might usually lead to sex, but from time to time, make sure it doesn’t. Let kissing become the main event, and watch how it turns you both on! When kissing is seen as an art rather than a means to an end, you can get even more creative with what you do, and soon your marathon kissing sessions will be more pleasurable than ever.

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