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12 Steamy Sexting Examples You Can Use Right Now

sexting examplesDo you want to jump into a sexting conversation with dirty text messages? These sexting examples will open the floodgates to your own creativity and lead to naughty sex before you know it! If you’re in the mood to get the party started, read on. (also be sure to read these real sexting conversations as well)

Keep in mind that the faster you type and the shorter your messages are, the easier the flow of your conversation will be. You might have a lot to say, but you have to condense it down into something that is just as hot as what you would say if you were speaking on the phone. Abbreviations in texting will help you do that, but another key to it is just plain common sense. Keep your texts to one line and try to send at least one text a minute if you are trying to keep things hot and heavy.

Now, without further ado, a few examples of dirty text messages to get you started!

I want to fuck that pussy

I need to feel that dick

I’m going to come all over yousexting ideas

I want you to come in my mouth

Let me swallow your cream

I will put my jizz in your pussy

Tie me up and do it

Want to stick your dick in my ass?

I will lick your come off my tits

Are you getting naked yet?

Spread my legs and suck it in

Get on your knees to do mehot steamy sexting messages

These dirty text message examples are written out for ease of reading, but you can feel free to change the words to abbreviations, and add a few naughty ideas of your own! If you know what your partner likes, you can cater to their fantasies via text message, focusing on the things you know will trip their trigger.

Dirty texting is one of the hottest new things to be sparked by technology. Now use the sexting examples above and spark your partner’s libido by taking full advantage of the naughty sexting craze!

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  1. Hello ladies
    Want to chat?

  2. Feeling really sexy

  3. -I’m a creeper and a pervert sext me –

    That is a true example of a text I got from a stranger. I suggest that would be the opposite of a sexy and u should not do that. It freaks me out and so I changed my number 🙂

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