Host A Sexy Halloween Party

sexy costumesThe leaves are turning exotic colors. The sun is setting sooner. Men and women alike are covering up their bare skin to keep warm.

Autumn is here, as is Halloween, everyone’s favorite holiday to get naughty, and everyone’s favorite night to take off the warm clothing and dress as provocatively as possible. Regardless of how you dress, it’s always about the party and the people around you. So take off that sweater and light the Jack o’ Lantern. It’s time to host a Sexy Halloween Party.

Invitations – If you want to get into some real debauchery, it’s always best to invite willing participants; people who are willing to follow the rules of the theme. Singles are probably best, as couples tend to blow up in the face of jealousy. However, there are plenty of swingers and people in open relationships in your circle of friends, so be sure to ask beforehand. Don’t let anybody get scared away from your sexy Halloween Party.

Atmosphere – Halloween is a dark holiday, so the less artificial lighting you use could prove to be essential. Use a plethora of scented candles. Play some old, dark, classical music in the background and maybe show some soft-core porn on the TV with the volume off. Make the room mystifying and serene. Allow for the sexiness of the Halloween party to overtake everyone, so everyone feels comfortable and willing.

Costumes – As was stated before, this is an erotic occasion and you do want everyone dressing as sexy as their mind can take them. But if you really want to bring out the mystery in the event, have all your guests wear masks (think Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut”), never revealing their names, and have them try to guess with whom they’re about to have a sexual encounter.

Play Games – There are tons of erotic games out there to keep the party fun and help your guests get to know each other. Play pin the tail on the French maid (granted there’s a French maid there), or challenge each other to body shots of the rock hard surgeon. Have contests for biggest breasts, biggest bulge, hottest ass, etc. Play a huge game of spin the bottle or 7 minutes in heaven. Be a horny teenager again and have fun!

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