He Said What?

shocked womanDirty talk can bring couples closer together. It can also shock you to the core, depending on what is said in the heat of passion.

It’s important to remember that when you and your partner are talking out your fantasies, you’ve just been handed an enormous amount of trust. Sharing innermost fantasies with someone takes a great deal of courage and makes a person feel very vulnerable. If your partner is to a point of sharing those naughty thoughts with you, it’s a HUGE compliment!

But be warned: The words that come out of someone’s mouth in the heat of passion can be so far-fetched, so surprising, that you will want to stop all the action and ask, “WHAT did you just say?”

Fantasies are just that — fantasies. Research shows that most fantasies voiced during sex are actually never acted upon. How many times have your masturbation fantasies been so wild, so impossible, that you knew you would never try them in real life? But they turned you on anyway!

If your partner suddenly says he would love to see you with another woman, or wants to see you with more than one man, you might be shocked. But that’s just scratching the surface of all the naughty scenarios he could come up with, and frankly, those are tame when it comes to the crazy lengths to which fantasies can really go!

No matter what he says, remember how much trust it takes. Go with the flow. Lose yourself in the fantasy while remembering that it’s just that — fantasy. Throw in all those dirty words you know your partner loves to hear. Make that fantasy as raunchy, as sexy, and as dirty as you can.

When it’s over, don’t question your lover about their fantasy! Asking “Would you really do that?” can make them close up and not talk about their innermost thoughts again, and that’s the last thing you want to happen. If they bring it up repeatedly, then you could ask a few questions.

But ultimately, remember — sharing fantasies takes trust. And lots of naughty words!

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