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Giving Good Dirty Talk to Your Man

So your man has asked you to talk dirty to him, but you’re not sure what to say. It’s a problem that many people run into when it’s time to become intimate. What if you’re not in the mood for dirty talk? What if you don’t know what to say because you’re embarrassed or worried that your partner will laugh at you?

If you’re a bit hesitant about which words to use, take a look at your adjectives. Almost any word can be made hotter by the use of a colorful adjective, such as “hot” or “sexy” or “gorgeous.” Take any body part and try it out with an adjective attached: Hot body, sexy ass, gorgeous chest.

You can also describe actions. “Fast” or “hard” or “heavy” are good ways to start. Imagine telling your partner to “give it to me fast” or asking him to “use that hard dick” or telling him how much you like that “heavy breathing when I do this to you.”

If you want to go a bit more hardcore, do it! Ask him to give you that “hard, throbbing dick.” Maybe you want more of his “thick, fucking machine cock”? Perhaps you want him to “pound your pussy” or “slide it in harder and harder and harder.” Once you land on something that makes your lover hotter than ever, use that word over and over again. If he likes it when you talk about how much you want to worship his cock, he will let you know with his sounds, his words, and his body language.

Does it sound a bit elementary? It might seem that way as you are sitting here reading it, but when you’re in the bedroom and the tension is high, these tips will help you get over the “hump” so you can do some dirty talking while you’re in the middle of…well, humping!

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