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Get Naughty With Hardcore Dirty Talk Examples

Okay, ladies and gentlemen…you know what it’s time for, don’t you? When your sex life needs a bit more sizzle and your bedroom antics need a bit more pep, it’s time to break out the dirty talk. And when things are really getting hot and heavy, it’s time to break out the really good stuff. The strong stuff. The hardcore naughty talk.

Don’t know where to start with the hardcore dirty talk? Here are a few examples to get you on your way to blushing and moaning.

Use the filthiest words you can imagine. Abandon the softer words, like dick and pussy and come for me, baby. Break out the serious words, and try out a few of these phrases:

Stick that big long babymaker into my hot cunt.
Fuck me like the little whore I am. Come in my ass, you bastard!
See that tight hole? You want it?
Pull it out me and let me suck it. Right now!
Get down there on your knees and show me how good you are at sucking my clit.
Shoot your load all over my ass.
See these tits? You want to suck them? Please my cunt first.

Describe mind-blowing scenarios. Don’t hesitate to go into taboo territory, because that’s what the filthiest hardcore dirty talk is all about. Call your lover “daddy” and ask him to spank his bad girl. Ask your lover how it would feel to have three women sucking on his dick at the same time. Describe how you want your ass fucked – and leave out no details! Go so far as to talk about gangbangs and how it might feel to have a dozen dicks, one after the other. Keep the language hot and the visions in his head will be even hotter.

Relax and say what comes to mind. Hardcore dirty talk calls for serious relaxation before you break out the goods, so get in the mood. Play sexy music, have a glass of wine or two, and break out the naughty you before your partner gets to the bedroom. Thirty minutes later you could be riding him while you tell him how much you want that cream to shoot as deep in your cunt as it will go — and guess what?

You’ll get exactly what you asked for!

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