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Four Moves He Is Secretly Craving

You may be one of those adventurous types in bed, or maybe you just have an adventurous fantasy life. Maybe you aren’t any of these types but are still wondering how to add some spice into your sex life. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all access a little man manual of sorts to clue in to what he really wants when it comes to sex? Of course it would. And while all men have their tried and true wishes and dreams in the sack, the obvious moves are great, but even they can get a little stale. It could be that your man is craving a few moves from you right now that you don’t even know about. The power of suggestion is a very powerful tool for men when it comes to arousal, and sometimes this game is even more exciting than the act itself. Don’t believe me? Why do you think the porn industry is so successful, it RELIES on this very power…suggestion. Use it to your advantage tonight.

1. Flirt with him with nothing but your panties on. Teasing and flirting while you play in bed is wonderful, when you don’t succumb to the tried and true get naked move, the teasing takes on an all new level. You could even pretend you are in high school again, making out without skin to skin contact. It is an act that builds up anticipation, and the end result is much more explosive than you think.

2. Touch yourself. Again this one is one that is coming out into mainstream and is much less taboo to talk about these days. More men are admitting they love watching their girls turn themselves on. It shows a level of confidence to men that they find incredibly sexy. You already know what you like, and as well as he may know you, you know best how to push your own buttons. If you want to add some restraint to him while you do so, you’ve just taken the already building excitement up another notch entirely. This is one where his wide eyed gaze will speak for itself.

3. Massage from the feet up. Back-rubs are a wonderful way for many couples to get into the mood after a long day. This time, start from his feet and work your way up. Again, you can implement tip number one here and get down to…almost nothing. This will work his blood flow up to the desired areas as you move up towards his belly. This simple act will awaken his sexual energy, and he will get turned on not just by feeling your amazing hands, but by watching you take such good care of him.

4. Sleep in the nude. After all is said and done, don’t be so quick to rush into your PJ’s or panties again. Enjoy the closeness that comes from skin to skin contact as you snuggle up against each other and drift off to sleep after a funky love session. This skin to skin contact creates an emotional bond that instantly allows you both to feel even more connected with each other. Yes, men do love to snuggle and cuddle in those post love moments, and that skin to skin contact will cement all of the heat between the two of you that you just created. Plus, there’s always time for one more round, isn’t there?

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