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Flirty Ways to Let Him Know You’re Ready

We know that men appreciate a woman who can communicate her needs clearly and who is take-charge enough to demonstrate her desires. We also know that men respond to actions more than endless words. But let’s assume you’ve been on a couple of dates and you sense that he is waiting for a signal from you that it’s okay to move the relationship to the next level – the physical level – without him worrying that he’s violated boundaries, possibly moved too quickly, and potentially ruined what might have otherwise been a good thing.

Remembering that actions speak louder than words, here are a few flirty tips to let him know (in the most basic way) that not only do you want him, but that it’s okay for him to take you:

Drink Trick: Making sure that his eyes are on you, and your eyes are also locked on his, use your mouth to your full advantage. If you’re drinking a long-neck beer, let the neck linger on your lips a little longer than usual. If you’re drinking a martini rimmed in sugar, let your tongue lick the rim as you smile with your eyes and raise one eyebrow. Be careful not to be overly overt with this move or you’ll appear silly. Remember that a little goes a long way here – it is a hint at what might build in the privacy you two might soon share. Be flirty, and sexy.

Panty Trick: Assuming you primped for this date (as you should have) and are wearing a pair of sexy panties, and also assuming you two have been engaging in flirty talk over drinks, dinner, or dessert, excuse yourself to the ladies room to remove your panties. Walk confidently back to the table with them tucked in your closed hand. Take his hand with your free hand and say to him “I have had such a wonderful time; I want you to have something to remember how special you make me feel” and give them to him.

Heat Trick: As he’s walking you to the car, and assuming you want him as much as you perceive he wants you, briefly stop and touch yourself down there and whisper in small amazement “wow, it’s really hot down there.” If you’re bold (and it’s dark and private enough), take his hand and let him feel the heat for himself, but make sure your hand is prepared to keep his from lingering too long. If you’re super bold, actually touch yourself (as in: skin to skin) with your finger and then place that finger in his mouth saying “see how wet you’ve made me?”

Don’t be afraid these moves might be too bold. You’re the one that has decided to use them, so that means you’re ready to clearly communicate your desires. And that is something that he will always be grateful for.

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