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Flirting Tips To Help You Snag the One You’ve Got Your Eye On

Flirting is an age old art form, and many women are envious of that one woman who just seems to have it all. She’s there at every cocktail party, birthday gathering, and even in the bars. She’s the one men just can’t seem to get enough of. And why? Because she has mastered the art of flirting and knows just how to get a man’s attention, and how to keep it. Do you want to be that girl? Flirting is not a gift or a talent, it is an age old art that with a few simple tips you too can master. Every man likes to be flirted with, it makes him feel respected and admired. So whether you are in a relationship and your man needs a little ego boost, or you are trying to catch someone’s eye, follow these very simple flirting tips. And the best part of learning how to flirt? Practicing is so much fun!

1. Smile and the world will smile back. Smiling exudes confidence, and friendliness, and every man wants to get to know a confident and friendly woman better. When you are in a crowded room, you don’t need to overdo it. Catch the eye of the man you are interested in, smile, and look away. For those of you in a committed relationship, this is just as easy. As you are cooking dinner one night, or watching TV together, just look at him and smile (suggestively or otherwise) and leave the room or go back to your TV or book. He will want to know what you are thinking…wait for him to ask. And he will.

2. Sometimes the most you will get (at first) is a smile back. This is when you look away. The key here is to build intrigue. Men love the chase, love it, and so when you look away, you put the ball in their court. This is their time to give you a sign of interest. Either way, once you get the smile back, the work is left up to them more).

3. Keep it light, casual, and brief. So you’ve gotten his interest, and he’s ready to make the next move by starting a chat. Keep it simple, and keep his interest piqued. Do not fall all over this man with gratitude for his attention. If you keep it light, you will likely end up with an exchange of phone numbers. This is not a date, but an introduction. Use the number exchange for a lead into the actual date. THIS is when the more serious conversations can happen. By keeping it light you send the message that you don’t depend on this attention, and that you have an active, full and interesting life. He will want to learn more. This conversation is just the beginning of many where you can continue to keep the flirtation alive and the sparks hot.

Flirting is all about keeping him guessing and keeping him wanting to know more about you. It can come at any stage of the relationship and is a great way to keep the sparks alive.

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