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Five Not-So-Obvious Signs Of A Cheating Partner

If something seems a little off-kilter in your relationship, you might chalk it up to a bad day or a bad week. But if you have a gut feeling that something is wrong, it just might be.

Sometimes the signs of a cheating partner are not that obvious. Some cheaters are so dedicated to what they are doing that they will cover every track very carefully. What are some of the not-so-obvious signs of a cheating partner?

Your partner suddenly takes responsibility for the laundry. They might have never touched the laundry before or even know how the washing machine works, but they will now be interested in doing their own laundry, perhaps to “make things easier” on you. The sudden change is a red flag if they aren’t prone to doing things like that out of the blue. They might be trying to hide the scent of perfume or cologne, or they might have sex stains on their clothes that would be hard to explain.

They want to know where you are at all times. While it might seem sweet that they are paying so much attention to your schedule, it could be a red flag. If your partner didn’t mind where you went before and never bothered to ask, the sudden change could indicate that they are watching the clock – and hoping you won’t come home early!

The passenger seat of the car is in a different position. If your partner never has anyone else in the car but suddenly the passenger seat is at a different angle than what you normally like, someone else might have been in the car. If that is the case, take a look around for things you might not recognize. For instance, does your partner only drink diet sodas? Finding a discarded can of regular soda might be a big tip-off to someone else being in the car.

They smell different. We’re not talking about the “perfume on your shirt” kind of smell – most cheaters are smarter than to get found out that way! But they might not consider that the shower they take after sex to get rid of the foreign perfume or cologne puts another scent on them, that of an unfamiliar shampoo or soap. Take a whiff when they come in the door, and if they smell quite different from what they smelled like in the morning, you might have a problem.

They try something new in bed. Again, this is only a problem if it is a sudden change that has no reason behind it. Perhaps you have been trying to get your partner to try something new for a long time, but you’ve finally given up. Or maybe you haven’t been having sex, and suddenly your partner wants it again. Only this time, they pull out new moves that you haven’t experienced from them before. Where did they learn such things? If you were both exploring new positions and had an interest in kinkier play, that might be a good thing – but if it comes out of the blue, it’s time to look carefully at other behaviors.

Is your partner cheating? The signs can be subtle, but they will be there. A sudden change in behavior, sexual tastes, and attitude are all red flags, so listen to your gut and keep your eyes peeled!

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