Finding The Triggers: What Gets Your Man Off?

Men are not as simple as weeknight sitcoms like to make you think. Men are complex sexual beings who have fantasies, desires, and certain things that turn them on, just like women do. Just because they are usually more visual, and just because they are often more open with their sexual needs, doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy a bit of foreplay!

A woman who can find her man’s triggers is one who can ensure he’s happy for years to come. The little things that turn a man on might not be what you expect — and they certainly aren’t what you find in a naughty magazine.

Here are just a few of the triggers you can try. When one works, go for it over and over again…he will love you for it!

Nuzzle his ear. What works for you might work for him, too. Think about the moves that make you weak in the knees, and then turn the tables. Give it a shot by starting with his ear, his neck, or his collarbone. If he goes silent and enjoys it, you’re on the right track. Keep it up until he’s moaning…and then you know you’ve unlocked a new sensual door.

triggers-for-menDance for him. He loves to look at your body, yes…but he loves to look at your body in motion even more. So dance for him! It doesn’t have to be raunchy — he gets enough of that from porn. Make it sensual instead. Take a class in belly dancing, and then show him your moves. Go all-out with sheer scarves and other sensual clothing. He will appreciate your beauty and the effort!

Touch him everywhere. When men are aroused, it is crystal clear. They can’t possibly hide it. So it can be very easy to focus on his erection and forget the rest of him. What about his strong back? His hips? His sexy ass? Make a point of touching him from head to toe. He might be resistant at first — after all, he’s not accustomed to having his entire body worshiped — but tie him up if you have to! Once he relaxes into the idea, he will discover erogenous zones he never dreamed he had.

Try a unique position. Yes, men are visual creatures. So feed into that with a sexy position that shows him all of you in a new light. Try things like the piledriver, where he’s hovering above you while you are on the floor. Or the wheelbarrow, which gives him a good view of your luscious rear. Get a book or positions and go for all of them!

Do something he can’t tell his friends about. Every man loves to talk with his buddies about sex, just as you love to tell your girlfriends all the juicy details. But have you ever done something in bed that was so personal, so moving, or so kinky that you didn’t want to tell anyone else? Give him something in bed that he wants to hold close to his heart, one of those secrets just between the two of you. The secret is the turn-on, and once he has a taste of that feeling, he will want more!

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