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Find Her G-Spot And Make Her Talk Dirty!

Ah, yes. That elusive g-spot. It’s the place inside a woman’s body that sends her to the moon and back, and if you do it right, she will be worn out and thanking you, over and over, for that incredible ride. There is no faster way to help a woman drop her inhibitions than to light up that pleasure sensor in the depths of her body.

But how do you find the g-spot, and what do you do with it? Read on!

To begin, let’s get technical. When your partner is lying down on her back, the g-spot is about an inch to an inch and a half inside her vagina, on the upper wall. Notice that the majority of the vagina is smooth to the touch…the g-spot will be ridged, and will become more prominent when she is really aroused.

The best way to stimulate the g-spot is with indirect pressure at first. Insert one or two fingers about two inches into her, press gently upward, and move your fingers in a rotating motion. You might feel the ridges, but make a point of touching her all around them, not only on top of them. When she’s aroused and enjoying your touch, you can press more firmly on the g-spot. Watch her face as you do this – some women can handle direct stimulation very soon, but others have to work up to it. Remember that this is a very sensitive area, so let her cues lead the way.

Once she’s feeling good about your technique and is ready for more, you can try pressing a bit harder. Always press upward toward her belly to stimulate the g-spot, and always keep up the constant rotating motion. Simply pressing on it might feel good, but it won’t bring her to orgasm…the motion of your fingers, however, can push her over the edge.

At this point your partner might complain that it’s too intense, or that she can’t control what she’s feeling. Back off a bit, but don’t stop what you are doing unless she specifically asks you to do so. That feeling of “losing control” is common when you hit the g-spot gold, and if you simply let up with the pressure for a moment but continue the motion, her body will naturally reach for more.

Some believe the g-spot orgasm will be one mindblowing spasm that wipes her out for the rest of the night…but that might not be the case. Sometimes the g-spot orgasm is prolonged and intense, and the feeling of it is more like floating than exploding. Other times a woman might get upset because she feels like she needs to urinate…but that’s a sure sign that the g-spot is being stimulated properly, so help her relax when she gets tense! Simply letting herself enjoy the sensation will make g-spot stimulation so much better.

And of course, you will feel like the stud of the century!

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