Fetish Lessons: What’s Your Fetish?

Your fetish might not be as odd as you think. Most people believe their fetishes are rather "out there" and don't jive with what most "normal" people like, but you could be surprised. Sure, your neighbor might not talk about their dirty fetishes, and your sex education surely never mentioned anything about the more taboo things you might come to like as an adult, but trust … [Read more...]

Threesome: When Three is Too Much of a Crowd

Having a threesome might be at the top of the "to do" list for some. They might love the idea of having more than one partner at the same time, either because they want to experience the ultimate pleasure, or they want to fulfill a fantasy for their partner. Sometimes a threesome comes about because the people in the sexual triangle really love each other and want to show … [Read more...]

Is Your Naughty Dirty Talk Fantasy Normal?

Many people wonder if their fantasies are normal, or something that many other members of the population share. But how can you possibly know? Many people keep their fantasies close to the vest, and never speak of them in polite company. Even when you find someone who is willing and open to talking about their fantasies, how do you know that you're really getting the full … [Read more...]

4 Tips To Roleplaying On A Budget

The economic downturn has affected all of us, and in some cases, it has affected every aspect of our lives. Yes, that includes our sex lives! It can be tough to get your roleplaying game on when prices for those costumes are high and your bank account is not so healthy. But there are easy ways to roleplay on a budget. … [Read more...]

Unusual Places To Do The Deed

Remember that scene in Pretty Woman, when Richard Gere's character ushers everyone out of the room where he is playing piano, and Julia Roberts gets some hot and steamy action on top of that baby grand? That's the kind of unusual place to have sex that can get your heart pumping and your libido screaming -- and can give you a memory that makes you blush for years. Here … [Read more...]

Think Your Fetish Is Weird? Think Again!

When you have a very clear and very hot fetish, you might be tempted to think it's downright weird. After all, how often do you talk about your "out there" fetishes with your best buds? Do you bring up every fetish you have to your partner? Each of us might have that fetish that seems a little TOO weird and winds up being pushed to the back drawer of the mind, like that … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Put Role Playing Into Your Love Life Without The Ick Factor

There are very few people that are sexually active that are not interested in one way shape or form to add a little spark to their love life. Whether you are in a relationship or not is almost a moot point, if you have been having sex for a while in your life, it may be time for you to try something new. Very often, the first sign that you are ready to go ahead and add a … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Get Your Fantasies Fulfilled

When it comes to amping it up in the bedroom, we all have our own barometers and our own style of doing things. And at the same time, we all have fantasies, don’t we? That’s right, it’s time to be real girls, let’s not pretend any more that you are far too elegant or charming to have sexual fantasies. The cat’s out of the bag. Regardless of how tame, or seemingly not, … [Read more...]

To Film Or Not To Film? That Is The Question.

When the subject of dirty talk comes up, many people think of porn movies. They might laugh at the over-the-top antics and words that come along with the steamiest porn films, but a part of the porn film world seems...interesting. Intriguing, perhaps. And maybe one night after watching another sexy romp on the television screen, you decide to be a porn star in the privacy … [Read more...]

A “Famous” Twist On Roleplaying Games

Do you love to slide through celebrity websites, trying to find the latest news of the day? Do you salivate over the perfect paparazzi photograph? Is there someone in the public eye that makes your heart pound and your fantasies go haywire? We might not all be able to partake of the pleasures of those celebrity auras, but we can definitely turn being famous into a … [Read more...]

Unleash Your Dirty Side In Unexpected Places

Sometimes dirty talk in the bedroom can seem like...well, the same old fun in the bedroom! Spice it up a bit by taking it outside...to the party...and even to the family reunion. Here are a few "unexpected places" where dirty talk, whispered into your lover's ear, might turn a ho-hum evening into something you will never, ever forget. … [Read more...]