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Examples on How to Talk Dirty to Your Man

Are you tongue-tied when your man asks you to talk dirty to him? How to talk dirty to your man is one of those age-old questions that has a different answer for everyone. Here are some examples on how to talk dirty to your man that will get you on the right track.

Know His Desires.

Knowing what your man wants is the first step in how to talk dirty to your man. Talking dirty about something that doesn’t interest him will make it hard to keep him hard, so to speak. But if you know what trips his trigger, you can craft your dirty talk around that. Does he like to look at your breasts? Does he love a certain position? Include those little details in your dirty talk scenario.

Give Him What He Wants.
If he tells you to talk dirty to him, do it! You don’t have to spin an elaborate web of words. You don’t have to have the mind of a phone sex operator to get him hot. If you are tongue-tied, start by telling him what you like. “I love to watch you” is a good opener. You love to watch him do what? “I love to watch you stroke yourself like that.” Now you’re cooking!

Telling him what you like is good, but to make things better, show him what you feel. Your panting breath, your moans, your sighs, they all add up to one thing: Woman in Heat. That’s what a man loves to hear, so when he turns you on, let it ring out loud and clear!

Know When to Shut Up!
One of the lesser-known aspects of expert dirty talk is the ability to be quiet. When you get your lover all hot and bothered and his eyes are drifting closed, he is seeing the picture in his head. You don’t have to spin the entire tale for him – just a few encouraging words will keep the scene going. “Can you imagine that?” or “Do you like that?” are good ways to keep his thoughts going while his body revs up to redline. Sometimes, just being quiet in between your dirty talk phrases will be enough to push him over the edge with his imagination alone.

How to Talk Dirty to Your Man

These examples on how to talk dirty to your man are just for starters – there is so much to learn! Don’t think you have to learn it all at once. Dirty talk is something that takes time and effort, and you will always be trying out something new, so perfection is elusive. Besides, if your dirty talk were perfect, what fun would that be?

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