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Erotic Confessions Make Dirty Talk Hotter Than Ever

Come closer…yes, right here.

Let me whisper a secret into your ear…

Why are confessions so hot? What is it about those deepest, darkest fantasies that always seem to trip the erotic switch, the one that seems to have a direct line to your libido? Something about hearing an erotic confession – a tale of something done in the past, or something craved for the future – sends even the most stoic person into a tailspin of lust.

But then again, confessions can be tricky. How much do you really want your lover to know about your intimate past? If someone in the relationship has a jealous side, talking about that wild night when you had that threesome with your boyfriend and your roommate…or his roommate…or both those girls down the hallway…

Ahem. Excuse me. Where was I?

Someone with a jealous bone might be a bit upset upon hearing how wild your sex life used to be. Someone who is a little self-conscious might have a problem with your intimate fantasies of doing something wild and crazy. But with a little love and understanding, confessions can be the hottest part of your sex life.

First, make it clear to your partner that these things happened in the past – and though they might have been hot, they are history. They are good now for the sole purpose of lighting a fire in your bedroom with your new lover…and that’s the whole point in spilling the beans. If your lover is eager to hear about your explorations and exploits, by all means, whisper those naughty details!

Second, make it clear that your fantasies are just that – fantasies. They don’t all have to come true. In fact, some fantasies are best left in the imagination, because our hottest thoughts usually don’t quite measure up to reality. It’s the way we’re made – our minds are filled with dreams, and sometimes, our bodies just can’t comply.

Finally, when you make your confessions, focus on the act you are discussing, not on the people you were with while this said act was being committed. Focus on the pleasure of the body instead of the pleasures of the person. After all, they aren’t in your life anymore – you’re with someone else now, which is why it’s called a confession!

Spice things up even farther by suggesting that your partner “punish” you for your “transgressions” – and then you can confess to things you have never done, in the hopes that your punishment will become more delicious as time goes on!

Have fun with confessions in the bedroom…when shared among open-minded and secure adults, they are a great way to make the hottest dirty talk even hotter.

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