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Enhance Your Body to Enhance Your Sex Life

Enhancing your body for sex might make some cringe at first. The idea of altering anything about ourselves, especially to appeal to the opposite sex, smacks of indignation and low self-esteem. But women have been enhancing their body for sex for centuries, and it’s not always what you might think. Breast implants are seen as the most common enhancement for sex and sexual attraction, but even that is relatively new.

Here are a few ways to enhance your body for sex that you might not have considered before. Some of them are very subtle and can be done right now. Others are more extreme and will take some serious thought!

Sexy Tattoos. Whether permanent or temporary henna, tattoos are a way to enhance your body for sex that has been around for thousands of years. From tattoos in rather personal places to tattoos that depict sexual acts and arousal, making the move to enhance your body for sex with tattoos can be a permanent change or a temporary one, depending upon the method used to create the tattoo. The best bet is to create henna tattoo first, which will eventually wear away, and then decide if you like it. If you do, go for the real thing and enhance your body while you rev up your sex life!

Piercings. Having ears pierced is not big deal, for men or women. Facial piercings are becoming more common, too. But did you know that piercing of your more personal body parts can enhance your sex life? Labia piercings and clitoral piercings are becoming more common as women reach for more interesting ways to enhance their body. Sometimes the piercings can be connected to a belly button piercing with a thin chain, thus enhancing the visual and physical pleasure. Men are not immune to enhancement: the Prince Albert piercing, the Jacob’s Ladder, and other penile piercings are said to enhance pleasure during sex.

Implants. Women’s breast implants to enhance your sex life have been around for several decades, and have gone through many changes during that time. They are now much safer than they were in the past, and the insertion procedure is much easier. However, it is a change that requires surgery, and that can be a serious turn-off. Men can also get implants to enhance their sex life, including penile extensions and pumps. However, these are often only approved when there is a physical issue, such as cancer or undetermined reasons for impotence.

Scarring and branding.
Some people find scarring or branding can enhance their body and in turn, enhance their sex life. But scarring and branding are permanent changes to your physical appearance, and can sometimes be a painful process, depending upon how extensive your work might be.

What other physical enhancements can you think of? Share your ideas and experiences in comments!

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