Easing Into Dirty Talk The Right Way

Easing Into Dirty TalkEasing into anything new is the best way to make sure you’re going to enjoy it. Dirty talk is no different! You can ease into dirty talk by asking yourself some specific questions and then answering them in the heat of the moment.

How do you do that, you ask? It’s simple. Let me show you how.

When you’re in bed with your partner, ask yourself what you like about him. What about his body turns you on? Which part of his body do you find yourself touching the most, and why? Is it those broad shoulders? Is it that strong, solid chest? How about those muscles in his arms, the ones that make you weak with desire?

Decide what it is that turns you on about his body, and then tell him. Simply saying, “I love the way your arms feel when you’re above me” will make him swell with pride. Tell him how much you love his broad, strong chest as you drop little kisses all over it. If you love to run your fingers through his hair, do it — and tell him how much you like it.

Of course, more personal body parts are up for discussion, too! If you love the way he feels inside you, or the wonderful things he can do with his fingers and his tongue, tell him that. You can tell him with everyday words or with dirty, forbidden talk. Either way, he’s going to get an ego stroking, and you’re going to get the words flowing. It is a good situation for everybody!

Once you’ve talked about his body, talk about the things he does with it. What particular thing does he do in bed that makes you hotter than a firecracker? Is there one little move that sends you to the moon and back? Point it out to him, and praise him for it. Use descriptive words to show him exactly how it makes you feel. If you feel like getting more graphic, go ahead!

You can also ask him to talk to you about the things that drive him crazy. What’s his favorite part of your body? Ask him outright and see what he says. What does he love to feel you do in bed? Ask him, and when he gives you an answer, reward him by doing that very thing.

You can repeat his own words back to him as you do it, making them more graphic as you go along. If he says, “I love it when you kiss me like that,” you can respond by making it much clearer: “So, you like it when I kiss you while I’m touching you there?” Easing into the questions and answers will make you both more open to what the other is saying, and you will soon be uttering things that would make you blush in any other situation.

But you won’t blush as you say them in bed — because easing into dirty talk is the surefire way to keep the naughty meter at redline in the bedroom.


  1. I like the idea of coaching for dirty talk. I am shy and English is not my first language so I need some help 🙂

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