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Dress Up Your Dirty Talk with Sexy Lingerie

Dirty talk is always good, but dirty talk with lingerie is even better! If you really want to impress your man with your dirty talking prowess, spice up the sexy session with a bit of satin and lace. You don’t have to dress like a slut — unless you want to, of course! You just have to dress up in something different, something a bit special, to show your partner that you really do want to please him just as much as your dirty talk says you do.

Here are a few sexy clothing tips. Some of them might surprise you:

Wearing a white bra and panties opens you a world of innocence and purity for your roleplaying games. Pretend it’s your first time and you don’t know what to do, or pretend it’s your wedding night all over again, and you want to do your best to impress. Something about a woman in all-white lingerie tends to bring out the romantic and tender side in a partner, so if you’re in the mood for something sweet, make it white!

The black teddy indicates that you are ready to get down to business. You look enticing, and you know it. You look delicious, and you know that, too. The teddy flatters any body shape and will give you the confidence you need to pull off even the most naughty dirty talk. Pair the teddy with tall high heels and you’ve got the start of an evening to remember.

Go the hardcore route with something a bit sluttier than your basic lingerie. Bras with nipple cutouts, crotchless panties, and even leather are all good ways to show your partner that when it comes to kink, you’ve got it covered. If you have a specific kind of roleplay in mind, hit up the costume shop to become that naughty nurse, doctor, pirate’s bounty, or school teacher.

Sometimes the best sex clothing is not lingerie at all. It’s your man’s shirt! Any man loves to see his woman wearing his button-down shirt or football jersey to bed. It emphasizes your curves, makes you look pretty damn cute, and besides that, it is a possession thing — you are wrapped up in something that belongs to him, and in that sense, he can see you as someone who belongs right there with him.

Pair his nice dress shirt with that sexy teddy, and there’s no telling what might happen!

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