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Dress for Dirty Talk Success

One of the sweetest things about dirty talk is that you can create your own scenarios and stories from the naughty words. You’re not bound by anything but your imagination when it comes to dirty talk scenarios. Role playing is a huge part of dirty talk, and many couples enjoy the freedom to be someone else for a while, even in the privacy of their own bedrooms.

If you’re going to role play with your partner, set up the scenario long before the fun really starts by paying close attention to what you wear.

If you’re going to be playing the shy virgin, dress all in white. Crisp white blouse and pastel skirt will work well during the day. Be sure to wear perfectly white undies with lots of lace. Remember how you acted when you were a virgin, when you believed that a prince would sweep you off your feet and make love to you that would change your life forever? Dress that way now!

If you’re going to be the head-strong dominant woman who takes charge of her man, wear something more “bitchy” – dress all in black, wear deep red lipstick, and walk into the room with an attitude. If you can pull off the leather look, by all means, have at it!

Imagine being the hooker your man picks up on a street corner. Wear no underwear, a dress that is far too short and far too tight, and anything else that helps show off your assets. Don’t forget to be brash and clear-cut about what he’s going to get for his “money.”

Are you the needy parishioner to your partner’s priestly ways? Get creative with “prayers” to your religious man. Wear clothes that would tempt any man, even if he is one of the cloth. Be sure to have several items on hand that you can use for “blasphemous” purposes…this is when holy water and a rosary come in quite handy. (Oh, how scandalous!)

Whatever game you choose to play with your lover, keep in mind the outfit required to pull it off. Many sex shops have entire kits dedicated to role playing. Surprise your partner by fulfilling his lust for that superstar actress, or fulfill your own fantasy by giving yourself over to the handsome magician. In the world of dirty talk, the sky is the limit!

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