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Does That Really Work? A Look At Sex Enhancers

Who hasn’t seen the commercials for Viagra or Cialis? They always have a happy, fit, well-adjusted couple smiling from ear to ear, doing romantic things, presumably leading up to a hot night between the sheets.

It’s been proven that such products – those prescribed by your physician – can and do work. But what about the others? There are numerous sexual aids on the market that promise to make your sex life amazing, but do they really deliver the goods?

Let’s take a look at a few of them and see:

Ribbed Condoms. Do they really enhance her pleasure? They might – if the man’s strokes were at just the right angle to touch just the right spot. Sounds kind of like regular sex, condom or not, doesn’t it?

Liquid Viagra. Now on the market in Europe, this spray promises to make sex last longer. And it does – by using a combination of local painkillers to numb the penis and thus, make it harder for a man to get off. In clinical trials, it appears to work well…though some men might not like the lack of sensation that is the trade-off for being able to go all night long.

Vaginal Rejuvenation. The thought of plastic surgery “down there” makes most women cringe. But many women are turning to just that to “tighten up” and make the sensations of sex more pleasurable. They might also be trying to look better in the nether regions. It’s important to remember, however, that there are an enormous amount of nerve endings in the area, and plastic surgery doesn’t always go as planned.

Penis Enhancement. Does size really matter? Lots of men think it does, and they are willing to go under the knife to prove it. In exchange for a larger tool, men might have decreased sensitivity, problems with ejaculation, and less control of erections. Using a pump or other device to increase blood flow to the penis can result in serious, permanent damage. Is it really worth going through all that to gain an inch or less?

High heels. Seriously? You bet. New studies have shown that while wearing high heels is hell on your feet, the forced posture actually helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, leading to better control. Besides that, the age-old appeal of a woman’s legs in high heels still works like a charm on men – just saunter through any shopping mall wearing a pair of them and check out the looks you get!

Over the Counter “Male Enhancement” Products. These claim to work like a charm, but if that were true, why isn’t every man in the world clamoring to get them? And why don’t they have medical approval? The ingredients in these pills might make you feel more energized, and they might even make you horny – but they don’t make you bigger.

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