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Do Raincoats Rain on Your Parade?

How often have you heard the admonition “wrap it up!” or “don’t get him wet!”? Safe sex was once a laugh-inducing dirty phrase, but then the world of STDs and HIV came along, and suddenly safe sex was the only way to go. But does that small piece of latex have to equal boring sex? No way!

Maybe condoms aren’t sexy, but your acceptance of them — and your sexy way of putting them on your man — can make them delightful parts of your sexual game.

Everyone knows how important safe sex is, but just in case you have forgotten, let me tell you again: Studies have shown that up to 80% of people who have the HIV virus don’t know they are carrying it. Therefore, they might tell you they are clean…but they aren’t. Other STDs are even more prevalent, and though some can be treated, some can lead to serious complications, including life-long infertility. Left untreated, some heavy-duty STDs can lead to sickness and death.

And when you throw the risk of pregnancy into the mix, you’ve got a serious reason to use a condom each and every time.

So how do you make it hot?

There are two ways to approach wrapping it up. You can make it quick and get it out of the way without much thought, or you can slow things down and make it smooth and sexy.

To make it quick: Rip open the condom packet, squeeze the tip, place it over your man, and slide it down. Quick and easy. Then climb on him immediately, so that he stops thinking about the protection and starts thinking about you again.

To make it sexy: Wink at him as you tear open the condom wrapper. Remove it slowly and tease the tip of it with your lips. Don’t touch it with your teeth! Using gentle suction and your lips, pull the tip up a bit to make a reservoir inside. Hold that with your fingertips and slide the condom over the head of his penis. Then, letting go of the top, slide your mouth down over the condom. Let your man watch as you unroll the condom with your lips.

This will take some practice, and you might mess up a few times — and that’s okay. One of the coolest things about sex is that you can laugh at each other, and trying your sexy condom-roll will definitely turn him on, but it might also lead to a good laugh if you don’t get it right the first time. That laughter builds intimacy and makes the condom more of a good memory than a groan-inducing responsibility.

And of course, once everything is wrapped, it’s time to climb into the saddle, cowgirl!

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