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Do It Like Everybody’s Watching: Having Public Sex

It is often a fantasy that lovers tend to push to the back burner. After all, it could never happen, right? Public sex is just too risky. You might wind up incredibly embarrassed, called out by perfect strangers for being a disrespectful whore (among other things), or at the worst, you could wind up with a criminal record that would affect the rest of your life in many adverse ways.

No doubt about it, public sex is risky — and that’s why so many people love the thought of it.

Can you have public sex and not get into trouble for it? What are some ways you can make this fantasy a reality? We’ve done the hard work for you (ahem!) and we have a few answers…

The key to public sex is to make certain it happens in a place where you can get caught, but you are unlikely to be found. Public sex can also happen under the cover of something else…for instance, giving your man a handjob at the restaurant, under the table, where no one else can see, or getting it on in the back of a movie theater when there aren’t many people around. And staying quiet, of course!

Here are a few places to try out your public sex fetish:

Balconies or rooftops. You can be getting your freak on right over someone’s head, and if you stay quiet, they might never know. You can also get your rocks off on a hotel balcony in a crowded city, where part of the thrill is the question of who might look out the window, and how much of your lovemaking they might see.

Elevators. Do you have the guts to stop that elevator and get it on fast, before someone figures out what you’re doing?

Library. Getting stacked between the stacks is a great way to look at Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and all the greats. Why not? It makes for a great memory and the only people who might catch you would probably be too embarrassed to do anything but perhaps venture to the “anatomy” section and think about what they just witnessed!

Parked cars on Lover’s Lane. You know you want to do this. Who hasn’t wanted to do this? If you attended high school and saw a single coming-of-age movie, you know that at some point in your life, you have to get it on in your car.

Hot tubs and pools. The thrill of public sex in these places is the fact that you know everyone else does it…and they know you’re doing it…and everybody is covertly watching everyone else to see if they are doing it. Your slippery bodies and the fact that you just might get caught are the biggest turn-ons.

Public restrooms. This is a bit risky, because you have to get into the restroom without being seen, and then you have to be very quiet in order to keep someone else from running out screaming about the people who are fucking in there. Quiet is the name of the game.

Hiking trails. Get freaky with Mother Nature on the hiking trail. You can get a bit off the beaten path to hide your activities, but you still run the risk of a curious hiker trying to find out what kind of animal is making THAT noise.

The opportunities for public sex are endless, and we’ve just touched on a few of them here. But be warned: Once you decide to play in the public sex realm, you might decide you’re hooked on it, and you will need to do it again and again and again to get the thrill. But on second thought, is that really such a bad thing?

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