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Dirty Thoughts? Say It With A Song

How many times have you heard a song with a naughty word or two and got all revved up? Or do you prefer the songs that say it subtly, with double meanings throughout? Sometimes it’s not the lyrics at all – sometimes it’s just the driving beat behind it all, the deep bass that makes a song just perfect for those hot times between the sheets.

If you have a lot of dirty thoughts and you don’t know how to get them out, turn to the professionals to make it happen. The perfect match to light that flame might be waiting for you in the CD collection.

There are definitely songs appropriate for the hot moments, when you and your lover just can’t get enough of each other. Those are the ones that have a good beat and are suitable to be turned up loud. Howl at the moon with some “Voodoo” by Godsmack or “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot. “Doin’ It” by L.L. Cool J is always a big hit, and so is “What’s Your Fantasy” by Ludacris. For heat that lasts all night long, slip some Enigma into your CD player.

What about those times when you just want to make love? Of course, Marvin Gaye is the first that comes to mind. “Let’s Get it On” and “Sexual Healing” will get what you want! Dave Matthew’s Band also hits a home run with “Say Goodbye” and “Crash into Me.” Remember the old days, when “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel was all the rage? That one still works!

Finding a good love song is easy…just listen to the lyrics and find one that says what you want to say. Make a mix of slow and mid-tempo songs. Put more of the mid-tempo songs near the end, so when the action really heats up, you have a bit of a beat to see you through.

One little-known song that fits into both categories is the “Hey Pretty (Drive-by 2001 Mix)” by Poe. The music is sultry, and the lyrics…well, you just have to listen to the song to get the meaning!

The songs you really love are the same ones that someone else might not like…so be sure to tell us your favorites in the comments section!

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