Dirty Texting: Tease With Mildly Erotic Texts….All Day!

dirty textingLong gone are the days where you have to actually call your significant other at work if you want to say hi or tell them you’re sitting alone thinking very naughty thoughts. You don’t have to worry about interrupting a meeting or catching them while they’re on an important call when all you have to do is send a text to let them know what you’re thinking. Whether he’s in a meeting or on a conference call, dirty texting doesn’t interrupt a thing, and you can still let him know exactly what’s on your mind.

Start off simple. “Thinking of u, can’t wait 2 c u and cuddle u baby” is the perfect start. It lets him know he’s on your mind and will get his mind directed toward you as well, even if just for a few moments.

If you want to dive right into the sex scene, go ahead. “I luv having ur hard dick in my mouth” is definitely hot and something he loves to hear, but keeps his mind from wandering as long as you’re sending mildly erotic teases. Something along the lines of “If u were here I’d nibble ur neck and move my hand down ur pants” leaves much more to his imagination.erotic texting

Small messages like these will slowly get him more and more worked up, likely to the point where he’ll come home ready to pounce you and get adventurous. As he’s about to leave or you know you’ll be together very shortly, finish off your string of dirty texts with something that will send him closer and closer to the edge. “I can’t wait to ride ur dick when u get here” is the perfect dirty text to send him just before he arrives, and he’ll surely be ready for the same thing as soon as he walks through the door.


  1. I want to have real phone sex. Mo billshit ?

  2. jk

  3. i freakin’ love pussies

  4. i love dirty talks

  5. must watch this intersting book.with pics

  6. my friend wants me to talk dirty during sex imma liile nerves

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