Real Sexting Conversations To Read

Sexting allows a couple or friends with benefits to talk dirty to each other over a mobile device. These sexual conversations can contain text, ideas and/or pictures. A sexting conversation is a great way to keep a relationship fresh and can help with long distance relationships as well. Sexting conversations should be kept private but in some situations one of the two … [Read more...]

3 Places Where Sexting Your Man Is Super Hot

Dirty texting (otherwise known as sexting) is one of the hotest ways to spice up your sex life. The beauty of it is that it can literally be done any time, anywhere, and nobody around you has to have a clue what is going on! This part of sexting can make it incredibly adventurous, so use the secrecy to your advantage and sext your man in one of these three “naughty” … [Read more...]

Unique Dirty Text Message Ideas

Do you want to dirty text your lover, but it seems you have already used every angle you thought you had? When it seems as though your dirty text messages are getting old, try these unique dirty text message ideas and see what happens! The Surprise Scenario. Let's say your partner loves a certain fetish…but it just doesn't trip your trigger. Your lover knows this, and … [Read more...]

Getting Into The Mood… With A Sext!

Dirty texting, often known as “sexting” is still something many couples have yet to discover. The truth is, sexting can be an incredibly fun way to spice up your love life. The best part is that you can do it from literally anywhere. Whether  you’re sitting in the doctor’s office or bored in your office at work, you can send your partner a sexy little message without … [Read more...]

How To Keep Your Dirty Text Messages A Secret

So you like to have a bit of dirty talk on your phone, do you? The only problem with dirty text messages is that sometimes, your phone might fall into the wrong hands. Rather than run the risk of having your privacy compromised when that steamy text comes your way, make a point of keeping your dirty text messages a secret with these naughty little tips: Keep it on … [Read more...]

More Hot Dirty Text Message Examples

Tempted to leave hot dirty text messages for your lover? Why not? With these dirty text message examples, you can have them squirming in their seat, biting their lip, and looking over their shoulder before they type something naughty right back to you. The key with sending the hottest dirty text messages is the buildup. Just sending a quick, hot message isn't quite … [Read more...]

Picture Sext With Caution

With the current trend technology seems to be leaning these days, it’s hard to keep your privacy, especially if you sext. People can take snapshots of you doing something naughty on their smartphone and then upload them on many of the social networks available to the public in a matter of minutes. They can also film video and get audio. There is no easy way of getting … [Read more...]

More Dirty Text Message Ideas

You know what it's like, to get a dirty text message. You have that complete hottie on the other end of the phone line, and he's texting like mad - and what he's saying is getting hotter with each time your phone vibrates. You need more dirty text message ideas - and fast! Here are a few ideas that will help you get on the fast track to sexy texting fun. First of … [Read more...]

12 Steamy Sexting Examples You Can Use Right Now

Do you want to jump into a sexting conversation with dirty text messages? These sexting examples will open the floodgates to your own creativity and lead to naughty sex before you know it! If you're in the mood to get the party started, read on. (also be sure to read these real sexting conversations as well) Keep in mind that the faster you type and the shorter your … [Read more...]

How to Write Dirty Text Messages

So you want to talk dirty to your man, and you've got that phone in your hand, just waiting for your first text message. But you don't know what to do! Sound familiar? You're not the only one who has wondered what to say in a naughty text message, and you certainly won't be the last. But there is help with this short primer on how to create dirty text messages: … [Read more...]

Master Dirty Texting with these Dirty Text Examples

Men (and women!) love to get an out-of-the-blue dirty text from their significant other, just so they know they’re thinking about them in a dirty way. While it might not be the most appropriate text to open up while you’re in the middle of a work meeting, it’s generally  harmless to send your man a provocative text so he has something to look forward to when he’s out of … [Read more...]