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Dirty Texting Can Be Very Naughty!

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In this day and age, almost everyone has a cell phone. That cell phone probably has the capability for text messages. No doubt you’ve seen kids in the mall, texting wildly with their thumbs on the phone and their eyes glued to the little screen. You might have sent a text or two yourself — it is much more convenient when you are in a situation where talking on the phone might not be appreciated, such as in the middle of a boring business meeting, or in a noisy room.

Did you ever consider dirty text messages to a lover?

If you think a simple text message can’t be sexy, think again! Dirty talk doesn’t have to be filled with lots of words. The point is to create an image in your lover’s head, one that makes your partner long to do the naughty things you are bringing to mind. You can do that with a few simple text messages in the middle of a very busy day!

Text something to your partner — anything, as long as it is short and naughty. For instance, how would you react if you saw something like this pop up on your phone?

want 2 c u cum now

Okay…if I saw that, it would make me give it a second look. After that second look, I would be thinking about exactly what that would feel like. He wants to see me come? Now? Wonder what’s on his mind!

A simple text message conversation can get steamy enough to make you walk out of your office to get some air. You can send him one message after another, describing what you would like to do to him. Write it as a story, with very short lines. Stay quick, blunt and to the point. By the time you’ve both had enough of the tease, you will be heading toward the nearest rendezvous point — or picking up the phone and hiding out in the supply closet while you do the phone sex deed!

Still don’t think texting works to keep the fires burning? Give it a try and see what happens…then come back here and tell us about it!

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