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Dirty Talking Your Way To A Lasting Love!

Dirty talking with your lover is not only a fantastic way to boost your sexual relationship – it can also strengthen your love and deepen your trust in each other!


My husband and I have been together for nearly seven years, and to this day we find that sharing “stories” (our code word for dirty talk) helps us keep tabs on the other partner’s changing moods and desires.


How has dirty talk been good for our love life?


When the relationship was new, it let us test the waters with each other without actually having to do the things we were describing. After all, suggesting that a third party join your sexual tryst is a lot easier – and safer – when that person is fictional! The more stories we told, the more creative we got, and the more we trusted each other.


As our relationship has grown, dirty talk has provided a venue to express our changing sexual desires. Really, if you think about it, sexual preferences are just as varied and subject to change as our taste in music or clothing. When once the thought of being tied down and blindfolded might have gotten you hot and bothered, perhaps now the idea of quick and dirty sex in public is what sends thrills up your spine.


Are you ready to give it a try? Here are three quick pointers to help you achieve a lasting love with the help of a little dirty talk:


• Don’t edit your partner. At least, not at first. Let them get their feet wet and get comfortable with talking dirty before you “edit” their stories. Then feel free to tell them what you would like to hear from them during your dirty talk sessions.


• Do take turns. Even if one of you has a better knack for telling dirty stories, it isn’t fair to make one partner do all the work! And remember: practice makes perfect.


• Do try dirty talking when you can’t jump in the sack right away. One of our favorite places to tell stories is on long road trips. It helps build a nice sexual tension that when released can be incredibly powerful! Thank heaven for empty farm fields is all I have to say!


By building a healthy sexual trust with one another early on, you and your lover can keep the fires burning nice and hot!

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