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Dirty Talk Your Way To The Finish Line

There is no doubt about it…one of the hottest things in the world is watching your partner pleasure themselves. It’s like a little window to their desires that opens just a little bit, allowing you a peek at what makes them tick. When they let you watch, it’s a massive amount of trust they are offering, and you should be honored by that!

When you’re watching your partner get it on, how do you react? What do you do? What do you say? Many people would be completely tongue-tied as they watched the action unfold. What can you say to enhance the moment?

First of all, keep it subtle. Whatever you say should not take center stage. You want to encourage your partner as they masturbate…you don’t want to control the action. Dirty talk normally means putting pictures in someone’s mind, but this time, you want to simply bring out more of what they are thinking already.

Think about it: When you masturbate, do you have a specific fantasy that floats through your head? What happens if that fantasy is interrupted? If you’re like most people, you lose your train of thought and you lose a great deal of the pleasure. So when you do talk dirty to your masturbating partner, try simple phrases. These might work:

That looks so good. You look so good.
That’s it, honey. Touch yourself. Show me.
What a bad girl you are (or what a bad boy you are).
You’re thinking naughty thoughts, aren’t you?
You are so gorgeous right this second.
You’re going to come, aren’t you? I’m going to watch you.

The key to those phrases is that they don’t pull someone out of their pleasure…they simply enhance it with a compliment or a question.

Another point to remember is that masturbation – even when it happens right in front of you – is a solo activity. If your partner wants you to join in, they will ask you. Until then, stay away. Keep your hands to yourself. Just let it all happen and if you are invited to join in, then by all means, have at it!

Finally, make your enthusiasm very clear! Did you like what you saw? Describe it to them when it’s all over. Tell them how it made you feel to watch that most intimate moment. Tell them how honored you are to know something so deep and intimate about them.

Someone who has just masturbated until they came will probably go through a “quiet” phase where they feel a little nervous, maybe a bit embarrassed. This is the time when cuddling and praising your partner is the best thing you can do to ensure they are happy they trusted you – and maybe you will get to see the show again!

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