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Dirty Talk With Your Ex? Oooooh, Yes!

Almost everyone has an ex. And if you have an ex, you probably have a bit of that “I should have done this” or “I could have made things better if…” kind of thoughts. Regrets of the “could have been” variety, so to speak.

There are entire websites, books, television shows and movies based on getting your ex back. There are even more of them based on making your ex wish he had you back. They are filled with tips and techniques that are guaranteed to make your ex long for the good old days, when you were the naughty center of his universe, and for good reason!

What’s the best way to make your ex miss you?

Break out the dirty talk!

If you’re in the mood to make your ex drop to his knees and beg for your forgiveness, remind him of what he used to have in you. You can do that by flirting like mad and when he takes the bait – and why wouldn’t he, since you already know how to push all his buttons? – ramp up the dirty talk to a level he has never heard come out of you before.

If you still have regular contact with your ex, give him a call. Talk to him about the way things used to be during the good times. If he starts to talk and laugh about it with you, then you know he’s primed and ready for your new style of dirty talking.

Concentrate on the fantasies you know your ex loved to talk about. Make them even more appealing by putting him in the middle of a fantasy you never really entertained before. Perhaps he was always interested in seeing you with another woman, but you never took the bait – now is the time to weave the fantasy that you never offered him, one that will drive him absolutely insane.

It makes the dirty talk even hotter if you have started dating again, and you subtly remind your ex-boyfriend of that fact. If you tell him you learned all that new dirty talk by practicing on some “new guy” you met a few weeks ago, it will not only make him hotter to be talking to you that way, but it will also light a spark of jealousy – and that jealousy fuels the dirty talk fire, making your naughty play hotter than ever.

Is it the right thing to do? Who knows? Only you can decide if you really want to make your ex pine away for what he once had with you. Making him long for you again is entirely up to you. Once you get him started, though, consider how delicious it will be to walk away from the dirty talk session with a smile and your head held high, leaving him to wish he had you back in his life again…and with more than a few “could have been” regrets of his own!

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