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Dirty Talk With Dirty Sex Toys

Talking dirty to your partner can be hot. But talking dirty to your partner while playing with a naughty little sex toy can be even hotter. The thought of using a sex toy in bed is still taboo for some — hard to believe in this enlightened sexual age, but it’s true!

How do you blend dirty talk, your sex toys, and your partner into the hottest night ever? How do you do such things without making your partner feel a bit worried about the sex toy? Many men worry that they can’t please their woman without the intense stimulation that a vibrator can offer, or they are concerned that she likes the vibrator more than she likes him. How can you overcome that feeling?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Read on!

Use your vibrator as a tool, not as the main event. By making it clear that the vibrator or other sex toy is simply a little “help,” you will alleviate your partner’s fear that he could be replaced by that Battery Operated Boyfriend.

Use sex toys on him! Choose a sex toy that is specifically made for men, such as a cock ring or a pocket pussy. Then go to town with the fun! Make playing with the sex toy something that focuses on him and what he needs, and make up a fantasy to go with it. When he’s fucking that pocket pussy while you watch, it can be easy to talk dirty to him about that other woman he’s boning, and how much you love watching him do it.

Use sex toys to take the pressure off. Did he come and you didn’t reach the finish line yet? Tell him to lie back, relax, and watch while you do it yourself. He might welcome the opportunity to just lie back and watch what you do, and it takes away the pressure of having to “perform” after he’s already had an orgasm and is feeling sleepy.

Introduce fantasies with your sex toys. As we mentioned a moment ago, using the pocket pussy to simulate another woman in bed with you is just one of the many fantasies you can act out with your sex toys. Why not have that gang bang you’ve always wanted? Why not make him suck a dick — while you watch and direct? It might not happen in real life, but it can definitely happen with sex toys!

The best way to ease sex toys into your dirty talk is to make them fantasies…make them accessible…and remember that what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

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