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Dirty Talk What Not To Say

Ok, so at this point you know a little more about how to talk dirty.  You know what turns you on and what your partner likes as well.  But I have to caution you that there are two sides to dirty talk.  As well as knowing just what to say to get things going you need to know what “not to say” so you don’t ruin the mood.  Dirty talk is one of the most erotic things you can master with regards to your love life and relationships.  But you’ll need to follow the two examples below so that you don’t ruin a good time.

Dirty Talk What Not To Say Example One:   Never talk about your period or any kind of bodily processes.  If you man understands you cycle great, if not don’t go there.  Also if you eat something at dinner that didn’t agree with you don’t bring it up in bed.  Take a break from the action until your stomach calms down or you feel more in the mood.

Dirty Talk What Not To Say Example Two:  Do not mention household chores, pets or the time.  If you forgot to pay the gas bill now is not the best time to bring it up.  Also if Fido is barking or scratching to get in it is ok to leave him outside.  Nothing ruins the moment like stopping to let a pet in.  This only show’s your man that your pet is more important than he is.  And lastly don’t express it “being too late” or that you are in a rush.  This is also a major deal breaker when it comes to dirty talk.

Dirty talk is one of the best things you can do for a relationship.  If you practice it and know what to say and what not to say you will be well on your way to talking dirty like the pros.

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