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Dirty Talk Tricks To Try At Work

Think you can’t talk dirty at work? Think again. There are plenty of ways to start talking dirty while you’re supposed to be handling those reports or working on that big project. Is it wrong to spend time talking dirty at work? It probably is…and that’s why it’s so much fun!

You spend way too much time surfing the internet while you should be working — come on, you know you do. Studies show that up to 90% of us are looking for ways to waste our time. Why not put that extra time to good use and talk dirty to your partner instead?

Here’s how.

Use web-based instant messenger. Many workplaces have rules against using instant messenger on your computer; and sometimes they will allow you to do it, but will save your messages to be read over later, if they so choose. If your computer system doesn’t have a keystroke counter or other device to spy on you, try using a web-based messenger service like e-Buddy. These services allow you to log on via the web, install nothing on your computer, and log out with one click.

If you have control of your own computer and can set the history tabs, make certain that your history is set to record zero days. It is also a good idea to check the box that allows you to remove all personal information when you close a browser window. By doing this, no one will be able to look back over your history, and your secret is safe.

Learn how to text naughty messages, and keep a very quiet phone on your lap at all times. Even vibrations can be heard, so make sure your phone is set to silent, but you can still see the screen light up. When you do choose your next phone, test out the buttons — do they click when you press them? They should be utterly silent if you want to use them for dirty talking via text while you’re at work.

Never, ever use your work email. In fact, don’t have your lover’s email address anywhere in your contact list on your work email. This prevents you from accidentally using that work email to send a message to them, one that could easily be traced back to you, and just might get you fired. Always use your personal email account, and be sure to close it immediately after sending your email. Make this a habit! Remember switching the history to zero? If you close down the email and shut the browser each time, that email history won’t show up.

Can’t use the computer at all? Take a “smoking break” and get some privacy outside while you text or call your lover. If you always check your own mail, start a game where you send each other naughty cards at work, and don’t let anyone else see what you’re opening up. Finally, don’t forget the bathroom — hide in a stall and get off while you read the steamy texts your lover has sent.

But be quiet! You want to keep your little secret, don’t you?

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