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Dirty Talk to Relieve His Bedroom Anxiety

How many times have you heard a man brag about his conquests? They sound like the most confident people in the world when they talk about the great time they had in the sack. But there’s a secret men don’t want you to know, one that will make you see them in a whole different light!

Most of them are faking it.

That incredible confidence a man projects, when he talks about doing it four times (or more!) in one night, how he made her fall apart and cry with ecstasy, and how she was left believing he was the stud of the century — they make him sound like he doesn’t have a care in the world. But the truth is, men have their worries about their bedroom expertise, just like women do. In fact, certain aspects of the bedroom dance bother them a bit more than others.

Want to help him out in the confidence department — for real? Turn to dirty talk to make his ego soar, and build the confidence up each time you have an encounter. Eventually, he WILL be confident — and then he WILL be able to earn the title of “Stud!”

Want to know what bothers men the most? Read on:

That beer belly. Even if it’s the tiniest belly imaginable, men think it’s enormous. They will suck it in at all costs, and hope you don’t notice that they can hardly breathe. Build his confidence by caressing him everywhere, especially his belly, and tell him how strong and solid he feels. A “solid” man makes for a great cuddle afterward!

Your orgasm. Men have been taught to think that it’s about the goal of an orgasm — not about the journey. So if you don’t come, they get worried. Very worried. Their first thought is that they have done something wrong. In this case, remind them that your goal is not an orgasm (even if it is), and tell them how much you love what they did…and tell them this in vivid, dirty detail. You just might get another round, and that might lead to the orgasm you both want!

Their penis. Ah, yes. The size issue. Most women know that size doesn’t matter nearly as much as what a man does with what he’s got — and if he’s magic with his hands and his tongue, he’s one of those “oh mygod” kind of keepers! Praise him by telling him how much you want him inside you, and talk about his attributes. If he’s huge, tell him. If he gets harder than you ever thought a man could, tell him that. If he has that certain motion that takes you to the moon and back, let him know.

Whatever it is that he has, play it up bigtime and his confidence will grow by leaps and bounds. There is nothing sexier than a man who projects confidence — and doesn’t have to fake a single word!

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