Give Him What He Wants!

a couple in bed drinking and about to have hot sexImagine a dirty talk surprise you would never have guessed. Imagine dirty talk with your partner that has covered all the sexy bases, and has revealed more than a few naughty fantasies that you would love to make a reality one day. Now, imagine that your partner has taken your dirty talk ideas and turned them into reality–and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Sound impossible? Unbelievable? That’s why your dirty talk surprise of fulfilling your partner’s biggest fantasy will be the one dirty talk romp he or she will never, ever forget!

Choose a fantasy that your partner would never expect you to fulfill. For instance, if your partner has always wanted to see you with another woman but you have been turned off by the idea, choose that one fantasy to try – just once – and set about making it a reality for your partner. Talk dirty about it while you are in bed, revving your partner up more and more. Talk about different scenarios, and set the stage for that fantasy to be in the forefront of their mind, all the time. Once you have hinted a bit that you might like to make the fantasy a reality, it’s time for the naughty surprise!

Plan on fulfilling that one big dirty talk fantasy when your partner has plenty of time to enjoy it. Perhaps they have the weekend off work, and you want to start your fantasy on a Friday night or Saturday morning, to take full advantage of the weekend? Don’t spoil the surprise by telling your partner exactly what it is, because that would spoil the shock value. Instead, ask them what their one biggest fantasy is – you already know the answer – and break out your naughtiest dirty talk about what you want to do along those lines. Then present your offer to your partner and watch their eyes light up!

The dirty talk surprise can be something simple, such as having sex outside, or something even more raunchy, like a well-planned gangbang for those more rowdy types. The point is to take one big fantasy and fulfill it to the best of your ability. The bigger the surprise, the hotter the sex. So start planning now on which fantasy you will fulfill for your partner, and who knows? You might be repaid in kind one day very soon!

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