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Dirty Talk Starts with Communication

Yes, it’s been said over and over again…dirty talk is all about communication. But it’s more than just words that turn you on or tell your lover what you want. Dirty talk opens up the floodgates to sexual exploration, and that can mean a much deeper relationship outside of the bedroom.

But how do you translate dirty talk into regular, normal conversation that opens up intimacy when you’re not between the sheets. That might seem like the hard part, but it really will come easy after your dirty talk really gets rolling. The more you talk dirty to each other, the more of your psyche you reveal. The more you know about your partner, the more likely you will be to anticipate moods, understand those little nuances of conversation, and be willing to open up about more things.

It all comes down to feeling uninhibited. The less inhibited you feel in the bedroom, the more likely that feeling will spill over into your everyday life.

Take this for example. You and your lover have been fighting lately. But when you get into the bedroom, you talk through it all with dirty talk. The names you call each other, the power of your sexual romp, and the resentment that has built up all come out in a passionate rush. You might pull hair, whisper dirty things, call each other names, and act out your aggression in bed. It’s often called “make up sex” and for good reason…you feel so much better afterward, and often the situation resolves itself.

That’s not just about a physical release. It’s about the dirty talk! You can say things in bed that you might not say anywhere else, and as your passion rises, the more likely you are to blurt out what you’re feeling. So that make up sex actually enhances your relationship outside of the bedroom.

Another example is the desire to ask for what you want. The more comfortable you are asking for what you want in bed, the more likely you will be to ask for what you need in your everyday life. If you want more affection, you can demand it in bed — and then your lover will remember what you wanted, and make an effort to show you more affection when you’re in public, too.

How has dirty talk helped your sex life? How has it helped every other aspect of your life? Tell us your story!

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