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Dirty Talk Plus Dirty Photos = One Happy Partner

Have you wondered what you can do to heat up your text messages even further? When it seems like your sexting is as hot as it can be, guess what? There’s even more you can do!

Most phones these days have a camera attached to them, and the ability to send photographs just as easily as you send a text. Much has been said about the dangers of cell phone pictures falling into the wrong hands, and it does pay to be very careful — but if you trust your partner, or you don’t intend to run for any public office in the future, send them on!

Here are a few tips to turn your sexting pics from “hot” to “sizzling hot”:

Play the tease. So your partner wants to see something naughty? Give him half of what he wants. Give him your naughty hand inside your panties. All he will see is the shadow of your hand underneath satin and lace…but he will know exactly where that hand is. Sometimes what you don’t show is even hotter than what you do!

Use the light. Cell phone cameras used to be little things that took only a half-decent shot, no matter what you tried. Now they are much better, but still need ample light to make a great shot. Make sure you are in a well-lighted area, or if your intention is to send something a bit darker, make sure the light is minimal, yet enough to see by. The bedside reading lamp should work just fine.

Use a mirror. Want a full-body shot but can’t seem to get the right angle? Use a full-length mirror and take a shot of your reflection to make it work!

Take requests. Don’t just send a surprise…make your partner tell you what they want. It’s a good way to encourage someone to talk dirty if they aren’t used to that kind of thing. Tell them you want to hear it, in detail, exactly what they would like to see…and then reward them with a picture and a text that says, “See how easy that was?”

Take your time. If you know your partner would like to have a few naughty pics, take them before you start texting. That way, you can relax and take your time as you find the right angle, the best lighting, and more.

Consider easy removal. Maybe you feel comfortable with sending those pics to your partner, but what if your cell phone gets compromised? If you lose your phone, there is no telling where those pictures could end up. Consider deleting the photos as soon as you send them, or store them on a SIM card that you can remove and put away for safekeeping.

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