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Dirty Talk Phrases Guaranteed To Make the Temperature Rise!

Do you ever feel as though you are stuck in a rut when it comes to your sex life — or your lack of one? Do you ever feel as though your dirty talk phrases are getting old, and you need some fresh talking to get the party started the right way? These talking dirty phrases are guaranteed to make the temperature rise!

If you are approaching someone with an eye for getting it on, but you don’t know them that well, keep the dirty talk rather tame at first. Start out with some dirty talk phrases like this:

I would love a martini. I like it dirty. Do you like yours dirty, too?

It’s hot in here, but I promise it will be hotter in the back of my car.

Do you fuck on the first date?

I’ve been checking out your package all night long.

Let’s find somewhere quiet to talk about the things I want.

If you’ve known someone for a while and your dirty talk phrases seem to be a bit rusty, polish off a few new ones. Try a few of these on for size:

Let’s go home and I’ll call you Daddy while you spank me.

Remember those high heels you love so much? I want you to lick them.

I’m craving a good suck right about now.

I want every hole in my body filled.

Let me guess where you would like to come tonight.

I want to bend over and let you decide where to stick it in.

Want to go a bit more hardcore? Go for it — but be ready to leave wherever you are immediately, because your lover might be ready to jump you in the parking lot.

Let’s take that stripper home with us and see how well she fucks you.

I’m going to tie you up and make you watch me get reamed by that guy.

Which one of your friends should I suck off tonight?

Stop by the store and pick up some lube on the way home, honey. We’re going to need it.

I want to see how deep I can take you. Think I can deep-throat you?

The naughty talk doesn’t have to end there! Explore fetishes, discuss fantasies, and fulfill your lover’s wildest dreams, all within the realm of dirty talk. Let your imagination run wild, and even you will blush at all those dirty things that come out of your mouth!

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